Website hosting

Specialists in business website hosting

Bluehoop Digital’s website hosting is perfect for business. We provide a flexible range of hosting solutions to meet the full range of business needs; from simple, yet reliable shared server hosting through to dedicated, co-location hosting designed for high traffic websites requiring the highest level of performance.

All of our website hosting provides full control and flexibility that allows us to efficiently manage your website’s hosting environment. This means that we are able to ensure that your website’s hosting is configured to match the technical needs of your website and the resilience. Bluehoop’s website hosting is optimised to ensure maximum up-time and resilience and is backed by excellent technical support. On the rare occasions when something goes wrong with your hosting we are able to resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Just a few of the features of our Business Website Hosting include:
  • Optimised web servers – designed for business websites
  • Great technical support – from real people
  • High-level of reliability and performance
  • Hosting server scalability – as your website grows you are less likely to run-out of space
  • Virtualised servers – meaning that even our standard business hosting comes with many of the features you’d expect from a dedicated website server