It’s not all about the tweets

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Before launching in and tweeting,  it is worth spending some time putting down the foundations to your twitter personality.

Profile Image

You’ll be asked to upload an image to represent you.  This image is almost as important as a username and is used to identify you, your business or brand on twitter. So choose something that is easily identifiable with your business, brand or services A company logo is a good place to start.

Header Image

The header image allows you to reinforce your brand with an image, so be creative and highlight what you want people to know about you, your business or services.

Here are some examples

bluehoop twitter page

huffington post twitter copy



Start with your twitter username – nothing says more about you on twitter than your twitter name.  So what do you want to be known as?  Choosing a username that incorporates your company name is a good place to start; if it’s short and memorable, remember you only have 15 characters.  But think about what kind of name will make you easily discoverable to your prospective audience – should you emphasise your sector over your company name, for instance? Or try to mention both?

Whatever name you come up with, try not to make it risqué as you want people to respond to you in a positive way.


Twitter Bio

Use the ‘bio’ field to explain who you are. What do you want your network of followers to think about you primarily – that you are a forward thinking entrepreneur juggling work and family; for example, or that you are trying to sell kitchen blinds? Be concise, clear and direct; and remember try to make your bio fun not just factual and your likely to get more followers.



Add your primary location and be specific – many Twitter users will be looking for contacts in a particular area.


Company Homepage

Add the homepage address of your company website – or your blog, if you have one – to the ‘More Info’ URL field. Think about why you are on Twitter: is it to sell your offer or to build connections and increase your standing? If the latter, you might be better linking to your blog rather than your website homepage.


Unprotected Tweets

Do not select the ‘Protect my tweets’ option if you want to be found and heard by potential customers and contacts. Protected tweets can only be read by people in your personal network (your ‘followers’).