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Social Media – It’s not all about the numbers

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Here at Bluehoop Digital we have lost count of the amount of times we hear business owners saying  “ I have thousands of followers on social media” which is all well and good and pretty easy to achieve BUT… how many of those followers will actually be interested in the services or products provided by that business? Are those thousands of followers advocating for that business, sharing news and content or are they also, playing the numbers game?
Social media is about engagement, it’s the ‘social’ part of media and businesses that do well in social media know that growing their followers is only one aspect of it. Followers are the best advocates a business can have; they are the people that will use social media to recommend and advocate to other people about the services and products offered by your business.
So yes…you do need followers to get your message out there and to be seen as a credible business, but you do need to know that people are paying attention to what you have to say. You want your followers to use social media to engage with you and to share any relevant information with their followers and friends.

So here are a few tips to using Social Media effectively:


  1. Identify and become familiar with the channels your customers will be using.

  3. Don’t just keep putting out sales massages, post interesting and relevant bits of information.

  5. Use photos – there is a huge amount of research that says people engage with pictures more than words.

  7. Interact, engage  and share – communication is the key to raising your profile.