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Social Media – Is it important for manufacturers?

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Studies show that many manufacturing companies still prefer to use traditional marketing techniques such as networking, trade shows and advertising to connect with their clients. However many companies still having misgivings when it comes to social media, believing it has no value in the business to business marketplace.

Traditional marketing definitely has its place and often uses a hard, straight approach to make a sale. Social media on the other hand is more subtle; it likes to entice you in rather than shouting at you.

It is suggested that customers today make 60% of their buying decisions before they have even contacted a manufacturer. They do this by viewing online content about products or companies in which they are interested in. So with this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to build a presence online where they are doing their research?

Now before you rush off and start creating profiles and pages all over the internet, you should start by doing some research and deciding which social media sites will best suit your company goals. Lots of businesses spread themselves too thinly and get overwhelmed with the amount of work required to maintain an active, current and interesting social media profile

Here are some of the main players:

Company blog
This should be filled with interviews, industry news, case studies and FAQs. Your goal here is to create a balance between company-related information and general industry updates and opinions.

A great way to join groups in your industry and to take part in online discussions, thereby increasing brand visibility. This can be an excellent way to carry out research and make sales contacts.

Facebook pages are excellent places to gather together your customers, prospective customers and fans to provide reviews, share opinions, voice concerns and offer feedback on products.

Twitter is a fast way to get your message out there.

Perfect for showing products in action, or even a factory tour. Don’t worry about professional quality. Today it’s fashionable to use amateur style videos to promote companies and products.