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Achieving a good search engine ranking is increasingly important to businesses that want to increase their profitability.  We work hard to improve our client’s on-line profiles so that their websites are seen by more potential customers and deliver the following benefits:

Your website will be optimised  so that you gain more targeted traffic from potential customers searching for your products or services.

  • Improved brand viability because your website will be seen in search results more often.
  • Keeping you a head of your competitors by improving your place in the market place.
  • Increased brand credibility by improving trust in your website.
  • Great return on investment –  we aim to deliver increased sales so that you make more profits for your business

Our organic search success

We’ve seen our Yorkshire SEO Clients improve their conversion rates and achieved top-ten of Google rankings for more important search terms. Our economical high-value, flexible SEO services are tailor made to suit both start up and medium sized businesses. If you want to start your SEO campaign now and are ready to outsource the entire campaign, then Bluehoop are here to help your online business grow with great results – starting today. We’ll drive all-important traffic to your site by ensuring that your website is visible in Google when users search using certain keywords or phrases.

We’ve delivered our search engine optimisation services to businesses in many different sectors – achieving better search engine rankings and improved visibility. Our aim: to bring more enquiries, more customers and more sales to your company.

Affordable SEO for businesses

It’s great having a fantastic looking website but pointless if no one ever sees it! Bluehoop will help maximise your site’s potential by marketing it to a world-wide audience.
Great results – first page of Google.

Great results – first page of Google

Bluehoop know all the tricks of the trade to take your website to the top of the Google rankings. With SEO it’s the little things that count and by making a few simple changes to your site to get it noticed, we can boost it’s rankings and increase customer traffic.

All sizes of business and all sectors

Bluehoop’s SEO clients are varied and range from new start ups to multi-million pound turnover companies.

SEO – an overview

If you run your own business, you will be well aware of how essential it is to have a good looking website to effectively advertise your services or products. Unfortunately many people fail to realise the importance of search engine optimisation, as without this their website will be ‘invisible’. Developed over several years, Bluehoop’s SEO Yorkshire services can bring your company the online marketing success that every modern business needs. Search engine optimisation helps your website improve it’s ranking on Google and other search engines by using the keywords or phrases that your customers or clients use when searching on the internet. It is widely recognised that when searching on the internet for products or services, most people will only visit the websites that appear on the first couple of pages of the search engine results. Websites which are listed on subsequent pages will receive far fewer visits so you can see how vital an effective search engine optimisation programme can be.

To be successful, it is essential that a website must be ‘search engine friendly’. Bluehoop SEO Yorkshire can increase the number of visits to your website by thoroughly checking the information that is required for search engine results and make any necessary changes to your site to help boost it’s ranking on the search engines. This improvement in ranking can be achieved by looking at other high-performing websites which may be in a similar area of business to your own and by comparing your site with these. Remember that the main purpose of your site is to attract those all important customers and clients so your site must be ‘visible’ to them. Finding the right words – known as keywords – that your customers are using when searching the internet can be tricky but Bluehoop’s experienced search engine optimisation team have the experience to do this research for you.

Links to you site – an important part of the SEO process

Having links back to your site from other websites which the search engines consider important is a very important part of the search engine optimisation process. Google and other search engines look at the quality and relevancy of web pages but high quality links are vital if they are to be useful. Writing articles for publication on the web, issuing press releases and blogs are all great ways to collect links back to your site. However, no two companies are the same and Bluehoop SEO Yorkshire say that some companies will require more of this work than others.

Researching keywords

Unfortunately many companies don’t realise that it’s pointless trying the guess the keywords their customers or clients are using when searching the web. For instance, did you know that only 10-20% of people use identical key words when searching the internet? Looking at figures like this you can see how essential keyword research will be to improve the visibility of your site. Keyword research is initially carried out by Bluehoop SEO Yorkshire through thorough research of your target markets, studying the competition for different keywords and pinpointing those which are the most popular with your customers. The idea behind all this research is to locate the keywords which bring results!

Research into your competitors

Having a good looking website is great but is pointless if it isn’t attracting clients or customers to your business! Studying your competitors websites and other high-performing websites similar to you own is vital, according to Bluehoop SEO Yorkshire. Researching your competitors will supply you with useful information on how you can improve your site’s ranking. Research into what the search engines are looking for and pinpointing the keywords and phrases that they consider important is also something Bluehoop’s search engine optimisation team can carry out for you.

Content marketing – an effective way to improve your website’s visability and ranking

Writing articles for posting on your website or other high ranking websites is another very effective way Bluehoop SEO Yorkshire can improve your website’s ranking. Google consider ‘authority websites’ or ‘article directories’ to be high quality sites and having an article published on one of these sites is a brilliant way to include links back to your site and give it’s ranking a great boost. It’s very important to remember that the articles must be high quality and Bluehoop’s SEO Yorkshire service have several years of experience in this area. They usually begin the process by writing an original article of around five hundred words and from this original they will then produce a further five or so articles for publication. As the articles will be read by the search engines before they are published, it’s essential that each article reads differently and that the keywords are mentioned throughout.

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