FREE Report Download: Digital Marketing in 2018 for Manufacturing Businesses

Not too long ago, business to business marketers were forced to rely on print directories, trade publications, trade shows and direct mail to get recognition from customers and prospects. Then along came the internet; part of a communications revolution which has completely transformed the marketing and buying of industrial products.

Nowadays, technical professionals and purchasing managers have more technical tools and sources of information with which to make a buying decision than ever. Manufacturing businesses who don’t recognise this, or who don’t adopt a multi-channeled digital marketing strategy are going to be left behind.

The evidence is mounting that a multi-channelled marketing approach is working for a lot of marketing professionals who work with manufacturing businesses. There’s a ‘cross-channel multiplier effect’ which comes into play when different marketing channels are used concurrently. Businesses should no longer be looking at a single tactic, but should rather be demanding integrated solutions.

To address the breadth of marketing channels available for manufacturing companies, Bluehoop Digital have created a report entitled: Digital Marketing for Manufacturers. The report is aimed at helping manufacturing businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their current marketing platforms, understand the changes afoot in the current marketing climate, and to ultimately plan more effective marketing strategies for prospect and client engagement.

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