Professional Web Design for a Local Trades Business

Solar Installer Website Design

At Bluehoop Digital, we often have the opportunity to work with local trades businesses who are looking to create an impactful and professional web presence. Our latest website design and development project was for LuxSolar, a solar panel and EV charging point installation company serving customers in Ilkley and surrounding West Yorkshire communities.

The Goals: Establish Trust and Drive Inquiries

As an independent business working directly with homeowners, LuxSolar needed a website that would make an excellent first impression and build trust in their services right from the start. Clean branding, high-quality visuals, and clear communication of their expertise were essential.

Additionally, the new website required prominent calls-to-action and easy access to contact information to encourage quote requests and inquiries from potential customers looking to go solar or add EV charging capabilities.

The Website Solution

Bluehoop Digital’s design and development team created a modern, user-friendly website that checked all the boxes for LuxSolar’s needs. The end result is a polished online presence that reflects their quality workmanship and professional service provision.

Key features of the new LuxSolar website include:

  • Attractive design and branding to create a trustworthy impression
  • Straightforward information about their solar panel and EV charging solutions
  • Prominent calls-to-action on every page for getting a quote
  • Easy access to contact details to inquire about services
  • Clean layout and simple navigation

Through excellent design, transparent content, and clear pathways to get in touch, the new LuxSolar website establishes them as a credible, skilled solar installer ready to serve local homeowners.

A Powerful Local Web Presence

We’re proud of the new LuxSolar website, which provides an ideal digital front door that aligns with their residential solar and EV charging services. The polished, high-quality site design and development work gives LuxSolar a powerful online presence to market to and connect with customers in their area.