Have Google Ads Got You Scratching Your Head?

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Google Ads Common Mistakes

Running Google Ads can be a mystery, especially when clicks aren’t turning into what you hoped. You start upping your budget, changing your ads and adding more and more complexity to your campaigns. You might be surprised to learn that it may not be your ads. With this in mind, we’ve listed below a few […]

Negative keywords – The unsung heroes of any Google Ads Campaign.

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Often underestimated, negative keywords can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns and should be viewed as your not so secret, secret power! Most people spend a lot of time thinking of search keywords both long tail and short tail and ignore the simplicity of excluding terms that you just don’t want your […]

Don’t step on one of Google’s landmines when managing your Google ads!

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Here are a few sneaky tweaks Google makes that might impact your budget without you even realising it.  As you might or might not know, Google makes most of its money from ads, and understanding how they do this can help you make informed decisions. Listed below are 3 subtle tactics Google uses to influence […]

Google Ads – Performance Max or Standard Shopping?

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Are you considering selling your products online: Google Ads – Performance Max or Standard Shopping? It’s not just one or the other. Know the differences, set a budget and follow the data. Look at your main options Standard Shopping + Search – Old School Feed-Only Performance Max – Hack Full-Build Performance Max – New Kid […]

How Remarketing can help your business

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Re-marketing Image

What is remarketing? Remarketing is a way of targeting specific people who have visited your site and showing them relevant ads as they browse around the internet. In fact you have probably been remarketed to yourself, you know, you’ve been looking at some great cycling shoes on Wiggle and now those shoes seem to be […]