Payment Gateway Comparison

Payment gateway comparison chart for ecommerce

We are often contacted by clients that want to set up an e-commerce websites.  Once we’ve gained an understanding of their requirements, one of the important decisions that needs to be made relates to which payment gateway is most suitable.  This decision should be based on the anticipated volume of sales (and their value) since this will determine the total cost of the payment gateway.

Here is an overview of just a hand-full of payment gateway providers, along with information about their costs.

Payment ProviderSetup FeeFixed Monthly FeeTransaction

350 free transactions each month then 10p per transaction thereafter



For transaction values between £0 and £1500 fee charged is 3.4% + 20p




350 free transactions each month then 10p per transaction




Free for up to 1000 transactions in each quarter then 10p per transaction




350 free transactions each month then 9.9p per transaction



Here at Bluehoop Digital we work with our clients to understand their requirements and to help them make the best decision about the most suitable payment provider for them.

If you are looking for advice about the development of your on-line shop, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat.