Website design for marketing your business

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Website Design for Marketing your Business

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that having any-old website will attract new business and bring customers in.  However, a poorly designed website which lacks good-quality content will do little to promote your business and help you build the trust and reputation of your company brand. Your website should be thought of one of the most important […]

How to improve your business ranking in Google

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Local SEO company

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is the name for a range of digital marketing techniques which can be used to improve your business website’s rankings on Google. Here at Bluehoop we often use SEO as part of our client’s wider online marketing strategy simply because SEO nearly always delivers the greatest long-term return on investment. […]

A newbie’s guide to blogging

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Blogging image

The How to Blog Guide I was chatting with Lee Hezzlewood from Secure Thinking (the Internet Security specialists) the other day. Lee blogs regularly because he’s immersed in his industry – he’s passionate about it and knows it inside out. He’s doing the right thing. We all used to read books by ‘authorities’ to get […]

Website still not mobile friendly? – Google’s going to penalize your business

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Still not mobile friendly? - Google's going to penalise your website

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website has never been so critical. For the past few years it has been increasingly important for your website to be mobile friendly – so that it looks pretty on a smaller screen. However Google is now going to show people which websites are mobile friendly and which ones aren’t […]

What impact will Scottish independence have on domain names

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Scottish flag

Changing domain names It’s been a long time coming, but Thursday 18th September sees Scotland vote for or against independence.  If the yes vote wins, the political and economic pundits are suggesting that there’s going to be a mass exodus of businesses relocating south of the border. Here in search engine land at Bluehoop Digital however, we’re […]

Strategies for building customer trust through website design

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Gain your customers trust

Increase web sales & enquiries by building trust in your brand. Your business website is your online shop window that should work really hard to show-off your company’s quality, reliability and business ability. This means that gaining trust from your website visitors can mean the difference between turning visitors into customer enquiries and new sales, or losing […]

How to calculate your SEO ROI?

SEO Return on Investment

What’s the ROI of your SEO and digital marketing? Here at Bluehoop Digital we pride ourselves on delivering successful SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing services to companies in Leeds, Bradford and throughout Yorkshire.   The increased web and search visibility that we deliver to our clients is plain to see:  our SEO delivers top […]

Local SEO tips for Leeds businesses

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SEO local Leeds

SEO techniques to raise your local search profile Leeds based businesses often contact Bluehoop Digital to ask us what they can do to improve their company’s SEO.   With ever changing search ranking algorithms (the formulas for determining which website ranks where), it’s important to make use of the advice and services offered by an […]