New website for community arts organisation

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Blaize website design Ilkley

Community arts website to reach a greater audience We’ve launched a new website for Blaize, a Yorkshire based community arts organisation. Blaize already had a website but it didn’t fully reflect the scope of the activities that they were involved with and it didn’t allow any scope for interactions with their online community. Bluehoop Digital […]

The last typewriters are made…


I wrote my first book on a Petite Typewriter. It was about a puppy and I was 9. When I say ‘book’, I mean about half a page. It joined the ranks of all the other unfinished literary greats that could have been. The world will never know how Pippy the Puppy will cope with […]

Apple iPad hints and tips


If Santa gets you an iPad this Christmas… If you are lucky enough to receive one of the hottest gifts of 2010 this Christmas, hopefully the following will get you up and running with some ideas on what to read, download, and explore with your brand new iPad. First, get a case! On the whole, […]

Nine new apps from Google

Google apps

The Google Apps Marketplace Google have recently announced that nine new apps have been added to the Google Apps Marketplace. The above video describes each of the nine and provides information for how they could help your business grow. The first one is called DeskAway and lets users work, even when they are away from […]