Web design & digital marketing case study

London Krav Maga

Website Design

The web design brief asked us to develop an appropriately tough looking website for London’s first and foremost Krav Maga school. The website allows for quick and easy navigation to video content, course information as well as online training course booking and payment systerm.

Course Booking and E-commerce

We’ve installed a booking system on the website which allows the owner to create self defense courses at various locations, upload them to the site and to take bookings via a payment provider. The student enrolment information is then sent to a third party customer relationship management (CRM) system so the tutors can manage training course bookings. The website and it’s CRM integration allow students to be emailed with reminders and other course information so delivering a fully automated booking and student management process. We also added an easy to use e-commerce system to the website to allow the sale of products associated with the training courses.