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SEO techniques to raise your local search profile

Leeds based businesses often contact Bluehoop Digital to ask us what they can do to improve their company’s SEO.   With ever changing search ranking algorithms (the formulas for determining which website ranks where), it’s important to make use of the advice and services offered by an SEO and digital marketing professional.  Working with a specialist digital marketing company will ensure that your website ranks for search terms and keywords that imply a strong intent to buy your products or you services.  In addition, by taking an integrated approach to SEO, your website will be found and work better to get you more business.  More information about how Bluehoop Digital help companies on line can be found here: Leeds SEO service.


Top tips for improving your local SEO


If you have time and a little technical know-how you can get your local SEO moving in the right direction yourself by carrying out some simple SEO tasks.  These can help to lay the foundations of any professional SEO service.


Create local directory listings


Carefully select a number of quality directories.  Quality not quantity is the key here so use a combination of well-know directories like Yelp, Yahoo Local and City Visitor as well any specific sector or trade directories.  Ensure that you are consistent with the name, address and phone number information (NAP citation)  that you add to each directory.


Adding  your NAP to your company website


Adding your company name, address and phone number to your website is not only important so that your customers can easily get-in-touch; it also helps search engines to evaluate the online authority of your business.  Again, consistency is very important and the format should match any off-site citations.    Using a special local business mark-up for your NAP can also improve the visibility of your contact information by using a coding language that will further enhance your Leeds SEO.


Include geographical keywords in your website titles and header tags


By combining your product or service keywords with some geographical areas will tell the search engines what you sell and which areas you sell to.  For example; if you provide digital marketing and SEO in Leeds make sure you say so in your title tags.  Focus on keywords that will attract a high number of searches but that have relatively low competition.  Good keyword research is important and should be supported by well-written content with local SEO in-mind.


Creating customer interactions and engagement


By showing your potential customers (and search engines) that you are a valued member of the Leeds area you will raise your businesses profile and your ranking.  This engagement might be through a variety of ways such as social media;  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and via online forums such as local and industry related forums.   The outcome being improved visibility, customer interactions and valuable links back to your website.


Reviewing and refining your local SEO


By laying strong foundations to your Leeds SEO strategy, you will show search engines that you have a website and a business that is an authority in your sector.  However, the internet is a dynamic playing-field and as such nothing ever stands still.  Regular review of your SEO performance, your competitors and changes to the criteria that Google and other search engines use to rank your website is essential if you don’t want to lose-out to your competitors.


Optimise your local business Google Places listing


Google has been busy indexing business details for inclusion in it’s Google Places so you might already see your company name listed.   If you’ve not claimed ownership of the listing all you need to do is to click on the “Is this your business?” link and follow the steps to update your full business profile details and complete the verification process.


SEO services for Leeds and beyond


At Bluehoop Digital we help companies in Leeds, Bradford and across the UK with their local and national search engine optimisation.  We use a variety of techniques that include amongst other things website technical reviews and improvements, keyword research, content writing, blogging, managing social media as well as creating good quality links.  Our aim; to gain your Leeds company more business via the internet.  Should you need any further information please don’t hesitate to give Bluehoop a call.


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