Don’t step on one of Google’s landmines when managing your Google ads!

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Here are a few sneaky tweaks Google makes that might impact your budget without you even realising it. 

As you might or might not know, Google makes most of its money from ads, and understanding how they do this can help you make informed decisions. Listed below are 3 subtle tactics Google uses to influence user behaviour and, of course, boost their own revenue:

1. Location Targets: When setting up your campaigns, don’t forget to check your location settings. In the locations setting choose: ‘People in or regularly in your targeted location.’ Failure to do this will allow Google to default to this setting and serve your ads to people who have shown an interest in your targeted area. Don’t let the default setting dictate your strategy!

2. Network: In search campaigns, be cautious with the default setting that includes the Display Network. It’s easy to end up spending money  on display ads when you thought you were running a search campaign. Uncheck the Display Network option to keep your budget where you want it – in search.

3. Remarketing: Last but not least, in remarketing campaigns, be aware of the “Optimised Targeting” setting. Google might turn it on by default, potentially nullifying all the effort you put into creating a specific audience. Remember to turn it off to ensure your remarketing efforts stay true to your targeting preferences.

Remember, understanding these settings will help you keep a grip on your spend and take charge of your account.

Don’t be afraid to explore settings and make informed choices that align with your goals. 🚀💻

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