Google Ads Common Mistakes

Have Google Ads Got You Scratching Your Head?

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Running Google Ads can be a mystery, especially when clicks aren’t turning into what you hoped. You start upping your budget, changing your ads and adding more and more complexity to your campaigns. You might be surprised to learn that it may not be your ads. With this in mind, we’ve listed below a few common mistakes that could impact your marketing but have nothing to do with ads.

Beyond the Ad: A great Google Ads campaign is like a catchy song. But if your website’s confusing or frustrating, it’s like the song cuts out right before the chorus. Make sure your landing page is user-friendly and guides visitors smoothly.

Transparency is Key: No one likes surprises, especially at checkout. Be upfront about pricing, shipping, and any return policies. Clear guides help avoid confusion and abandoned carts.

Frictionless Checkout: Have you ever got stuck in a checkout maze? Streamline your process! Simple forms, clear calls to action, and a smooth cart experience are conversion gold.

Review, Refine, Repeat: So, before blaming your ads platform, take a good look at your landing pages, pricing, and checkout flow. Optimise those areas, and review.