Have Google Ads Got You Scratching Your Head?

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Google Ads Common Mistakes

Running Google Ads can be a mystery, especially when clicks aren’t turning into what you hoped. You start upping your budget, changing your ads and adding more and more complexity to your campaigns. You might be surprised to learn that it may not be your ads. With this in mind, we’ve listed below a few […]

Negative keywords – The unsung heroes of any Google Ads Campaign.

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Often underestimated, negative keywords can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns and should be viewed as your not so secret, secret power! Most people spend a lot of time thinking of search keywords both long tail and short tail and ignore the simplicity of excluding terms that you just don’t want your […]

Increasing online Christmas sales

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Christmas is coming

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, how do you compete with your online competitors and get visitors to buy from you rather than someone else? The answer very much depends on attracting the right visitor to your website, selling the product they desire at the right price and how you treat […]

Jomil appoints Bluehoop Digital to stitch up online sales

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Jomil logo

Stitching up the web Bluehoop Digital Limited has been commissioned to re-design the website of Jomil, a Bradford-based wholesale craft and sewing supplies company. Jomil have been a leading supplier to the craft and sewing industry for more than thirty years and now need a website to be designed which allows their retail customers to browse […]

UK Laws about selling online for business to business

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Cash refunds for online selling b2b

A client contacted us recently asking if she needed to give a refund to a customer who bought goods from her and wanted to return them. A lot of us are fuzzy in our understanding of this aspect of the law, and the consumer in us says ‘of course the customer gets their money back!’. […]

Strategies for building customer trust through website design

Gain your customers trust

Increase web sales & enquiries by building trust in your brand. Your business website is your online shop window that should work really hard to show-off your company’s quality, reliability and business ability. This means that gaining trust from your website visitors can mean the difference between turning visitors into customer enquiries and new sales, or losing […]

Payment gateway comparison chart for ecommerce

Payment Gateway Comparison

We are often contacted by clients that want to set up an e-commerce websites.  Once we’ve gained an understanding of their requirements, one of the important decisions that needs to be made relates to which payment gateway is most suitable.  This decision should be based on the anticipated volume of sales (and their value) since this will determine the total […]

Web design grants to help bradford businesses

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Web design & digital marketing grants for small & medium businesses We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been granted approved ‘Professional Services Supplier’ status as part of Bradford’s City Hub Professional Services Grant scheme.  The grant scheme has been targeted at the business services sector and under the scheme Growth Businesses based in Bradford can apply for […]

Girlie Gardening on TV

Our clients Girlie Gardening were recently invited onto the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV. Below is a video of their appearance.   Girlie Gardeners on the Alan Titchmarsh Show