Dovetail Divorce – Case Study

A website that effectively targets new clients


Dovetail Divorce Solutions is a team of collaborative family lawyers and divorce professionals based across the north of England.

Dovetail specialise in helping couples to towards an amicable, collaborative route to divorce by offering emotional, financial and legal support.


Dovetail wanted to refresh the design of their website to include additional, informative content whilst also making the site user-friendly and simple to navigate. To do this we undertook thorough market research to establish the best way to sensitively approach Dovetail’s target market

The result:

Following extensive market research, we were able to deliver valuable market information to Dovetail which provided an in-depth insight into their target client group and on the clarity of the messages that the website needed to convey.

Clear, concise information on Dovetail’s collaborative divorce services is now easily available on their website and potential clients are provided with a sufficiently detailed overview that avoids ‘information overload.’

By designing the website with detailed consideration of Dovetail’s client group, the result is a website that is highly targeted to clients and that stands out amongst Dovetail’s competitors.