SEO Return on Investment

How to calculate your SEO Return on Investment (ROI)?

What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) of your SEO and digital marketing?

Here at Bluehoop Digital we pride ourselves on delivering successful SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing services to companies in Leeds, Bradford and throughout Yorkshire.   The increased web and search visibility that we deliver to our clients is plain to see:  our SEO delivers top results for countless search keywords and phrases that indicate a genuine intent to do business with companies such as yours.

When we speak to Leeds businesses, we often advise them on how to measure the success of our search marketing campaigns and how to measure the value of the money that they have invested in the work that we do.  We do this because we want our clients to know that they are getting great value for money from us.  Therefore it is important for businesses to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) for their SEO as well as all of their other promotional and digital marketing activities.


The SEO Return on Investment – ROI  – Formula


For the purposes of calculating your digital marketing return on investment – simply use the following very simple formula:


ROI = (Additional Profit – SEO Investment) / SEO Investment X 100


In a practical sense an example of the application of this SEO investment ROI formula might be as follows:


A business document management company invests £300 per month in SEO marketing over a 12 month period.  At the end of the first year they have spent £3600.  As a result of this investment they have received £17,000 in addition profits through new business generated as the outcome of new enquiries from their website.


ROI = (£17,000 -£3,600) /£3,600 X 100


ROI= 372%  A very wise investment!


Even if you expect to achieve a lower ROI value, SEO can prove to be a highly valuable part of the marketing mix for all types of Leeds businesses both large and small, whether they are looking to acquire new business either locally or nationally.

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