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How to keep your website up to date

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal, providing you with a uniquely independent way to market your company. How to keep your website up to date is relatively simple but never easy, it takes time and lots of effort. Here are some straightforward ways to keep your website up to date, your content fresh and your audience engaged.

Why you should be using emotion as a marketing tool

In a B2C (business to consumer) context, emotion is a reliable and staple facet for the vast majority of marketing campaigns. Think of the host of purchasing decisions that are made on the back of an emotional trigger – buying a family home, buying a family car, a family pet or holiday, insurance for your home, pet, holiday, life… I could go on. So what about using emotion in business to business marketing?

Which tool should you be using for keyword research?

The general opinion of keyword research is that it must be a long, laborious task. And that those poor souls set to embark upon a new campaign must flit from website to desktop application to spreadsheet, leapfrogging their way to an extensively useless keyword list, topped with a juicy headache. We’d like to reassure you that this need not be so, there is a keyword research tool out there for you too.

Manufacturing your reputation online

As a manufacturing company, your ultimate aim is to increase your company’s sales. Traditionally your product, reputation and existing customer word-of-mouth plays a huge role in driving your existing and future sales, but what other options are there to help maximise your revenue? Reliable and effective marketing strategies from Bluehoop Digital Here at Bluehoop Digital, […]