Apple iPad hints and tips

If Santa gets you an iPad this Christmas…

If you are lucky enough to receive one of the hottest gifts of 2010 this Christmas, hopefully the following will get you up and running with some ideas on what to read, download, and explore with your brand new iPad.

First, get a case!

On the whole, the iPad is a pretty durable device, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in some sort of case or protective sleeve. There are literally hundreds of iPad cases on the market. Apple makes its own official case and it’s a very serviceable solution; it even includes a built in stand.

Here are a couple that seem to stand out from the rest…

BookBook – When ensconced, the BookBook looks like a hardback leather-bound book. It’s easy to get in and out and also serves as a stand. BookBook is £59.99.

Saddleback Leather
– Saddleback Leather offers a sleeve and a full-on case for the iPad. The case is £57.00.

Use the App Store

One of the best parts of the iPad is the App Store. With thousands and thousands of iPad specific apps and more coming out every day, you can do everything from read a children’s book, play DJ, pluck the Magic Fiddle and even get some serious work done.

Give your iPad a stand and maybe a keyboard

Many of our favorite iPad cases have a stand feature built in — but third-party iPad stands are a great way to use an iPad at a desk, in the kitchen or on a coffee table.

The iPad has a pretty nice on-screen keyboard, especially in landscape mode. However, if you’re itching to tap away at the keyboard for any length of time, a separate external keyboard might be in order.

Apple makes a Bluetooth keyboard (that also works with any Mac and actually most Windowscomputers too) and also makes a dock/keyboard combo kit, but just about any Bluetooth keyboard will work with the iPad.

The only advice would be not to try to pair the two devices (say your laptop and your iPad) to the same keyboard if you frequently keep them in the same room.

Explore and enjoy

Above all else, the iPad is a fun device. It’s easy to use and the device will feel more natural the more you use it.

Explore the web, the plethora of apps and the media playback features. Read an e-book, listen to Internetradio and maybe play a game or two…

Whether you’re watching video, drawing a picture or controlling your TV, the iPad is sure to bring you lots of joy well into the New Year.