Considerations when developing websites

Four top questions to consider when having a website built


So you’re thinking about a new website, here’s a list of a few initial questions which are worth thinking through before that initial meeting with a web design company.


What is the purpose of your website?

Sell a product?

Sell a service?

Give visitors up to date news and reviews about an industry or service?

Download forms for business to business customers?

Customer service?


What is your domain name?

Your domain name is the name of your website. Forget about the hard-to-spell, long and clever words or anything too complex.  Yes… be creative, but try and choose a name that doesn’t need much explanation and is easy on the eye.

Do your research as these days it’s harder and harder to find unique, iconic and easy to remember names that no one else is using.  So go to one of the domain registration sites like 123 reg and search some ideas.  If you have a name that someone else has registered, you may want to consider buying it, but this can sometimes prove quite costly.


Who are your customers?

Who are your target customer/buyer/client?

Are they within a certain age group?

Do they have a certain level of income?

Do they live in a specific geographical area?

Why are they visiting your website and not someone else’s?


What do you like or hate about other websites out there?

Look around the web and find some examples of websites you like or hate.  Jot down a few key points about what you like dislike about the sites you have seen and take it along to your initial meeting with your web design company.  This is a great way to get things moving and to give your designer a clear idea of your likes and dislikes.